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Butterfly Pea

Anthocyanins. Bioflavonoids.

Blue is the colour of health. The butterfly pea flower’s naturally dark cerulean hue has many restorative and calmative properties. Anthocyanins and bioflavonoids promote antioxidant activity and stimulate collagen production and natural hair growth.

EGCG. Catechins.

Catechins increase metabolic function for natural, caffeine-free weight loss. Acetylcholine properties boost memory and cognitive abilities.

See the Butterfly Pea in the World of Culinary Arts

The natural colour of the butterfly pea is a deep and enchanting midnight blue. Mild in flavour but bold in hue, it adds rich shades of violet, magenta and blue to beverages and culinary creations.

Subtle changes in PH with lemon juice or tonic water create stunning colour transformations before your eyes, making it the most appealing edible flower on the market.

Premium Select. Double-Flowered. Farm Fresh. Organic.

Dedicated to transparent and fair-trade practices, we source our tea from Thailand’s local farms and community enterprises to support local economies and growth.

The premium-grade tea is certified organic—made with only one ingredient: superior, unadulterated blue pea flowers.

Steadfast in our commitment to exceptional quality, we are excited to share our premium product with you, whether you enjoy it brewed in tea or added to colourful culinary creations.

My niece will only drink tea if I mix a little of this in. If I accidentally leave it out, she says 'I only drink blue tea!' I'll probably add a little lemon next time to blow her mind haha

Donald K.

There is a great heart love space and calming affect just looking at the plain tea which brings joy to my being.

Sunny J.

I bought this as a present for my sister, and she absolutely loves it. The tea has a very mild flavor, and you can change the color depending which ingredients you add to it

Helen S.

Beautiful tea ! I am looking forward to experiencing the many health benefits as well.

Jacob C.

I freaking love these things. Ive never used them in tea, at least not yet, but they've become an essential baking and candy making ingredient for me. I really love making truffle filling with this stuff! It turns cocoa butter a glorious blue

Brenda S.